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Google Maps and Dutch Elections – Working demo

Finally I’ve got something to show. The results of the parliamentary elections of 2006 of the Christian Democrats can be found on this page.

Things I’ve changed since my last post are, the loading of the kml-file uses jQuery. Looks more polished, maintainable and doesn’t bug in Firefox. I love the $.each method. Performance is ok, after you click on the link below the map it loads on my computer in a second or so. Not benchmarked. It works for me in Firefox,Chrome and Safari under OS X. I haven’t tested other operating systems thoroughly though it seemed to work using IE7, WinXP.

There seem to be a few glitches on the polygons. I’m not sure how to fix it, or where the problem originates. Have to look into that.

The article on FlowingData I posted earlier also has a link in the comments to a library handling this kind of stuff. Should have found out earlier, would’ve saved me a lot of work. Might check it out though, it uses the encoded polygons for Google Maps to speed it up, something I’d like to implement. Right now only the US states are in there I belief. Also, nice website. These (encoded) polygon really should be in a repository somewhere. I’ll happily donate my data, after the trouble I went through to convert the shapefiles to something sensible with the right projection. Nevertheless, thank you CBS for map data.



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